The Maiden's Menu: Recipes for The King's Blooming Roses

292 pages, spiralbound

The Maiden's Menu (Cookbook)

Compiled from readers of KBR Magazine


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The Lunchmaid

365 recipes, tips, interviews - and much more!


The Maiden's Menu is a compilation of 365 easy-to-read recipes from readers of KBR Magazine. From wholesome smoothies, gluten-free breads and desserts, salad dressings, scrumptious pies, to recipes for homemade cream of soup, toothpaste, lotions, hair spray and shampoos, to toxin-free cleaners - you are sure to reach for this cookbook again and again!

Cooking is a practical and needed skill; as daughters seek to serve their families, they can be a great blessing by helping to plan and prepare nutritious menus. This cookbook is designed especially for Christian daughters, to inspire them to joyfully serve creative meals as unto the Lord!

Your own cooking journey will be enhanced as you enjoy other daughters' family-favorite recipes. As you use this cookbook and record your own kitchen experiences, this will become a wonderful keepsake to pass down to your future daughters one day. For this reason, we have included several pages for you to add your own recipes and notes in the back. Space is provided surrounding recipes to provide room for you to add notes or alterations.

This 292-page spiral bound cookbook contains more than recipes, however! It is also a treasure-trove of nutritious menu-making tips, apron-making and napkin folding tutorials, tea party thoughts, and much more. You'll also find special interviews with daughters who love to cook for their families. Our KBR Magazine "Cook's Cuisine" Editor Maggie Bullington has done an incredible job of compiling useful and interesting kitchen-related information for this cookbook.

Beautifully decorated with original calligraphy by Sarah Hulslander - and contains photography and artwork throughout.

"The art of knowing how to prepare a healthy, well-balanced meal
for your family is one that will be helpful to you throughout your life!" 
-Maggie, Cookbook Editor

This is a cookbook you'll reach for again and again throughout the years!

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Interviews in Each Chapter!
Menu Planning for Health & Home
Menus for Special Events & Traveling
Host a Tea Party!
Hospitality: a Home-Based Ministry
The Maiden’s Apron: A Tutorial
Substitutions for Cooking
Cooking Tips
Herbs for Savory Cooking