Extra from Volume 7#4 by Camille M.

When I was a newborn, not very long after I had been brought home from the hospital, my older sister Emily picked me up from where I was lying, set me on the floor, and commenced to changing my diaper. You might not think that is anything strange, but this time picture the scene differently. Emily wasn't yet two when I was born. You can imagine how my mother felt when she walked in and saw such a thing.

Naturally, Mom did all she could to make sure this mishap wouldn't occur again, but we all know that you can't keep your eyes on a child every second of the day. So this incident was neither the first nor the last time my sister and I were seen in such a state. Each time Mom found us, she would quickly retrieve me from my sister's grasps. Then Emily would grow jealous and say, "My baby!" Now when she tells us this story, we all laugh about it.


These were always my sister's words when she spoke about me when we were younger - "my baby!" Emily was like a shadow. She was always hovering around where I was. Emily and I have continued to be the best of friends -- always near each other.

Emily has always been there for me, taken care of me, protected me. She's known me at my worst and best, and loved me as both. She has always been patient with me. She has more than fulfilled the verse that says, "A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity" (Proverbs 17:17). She is truly the best sister anyone could ever have. I love you, Emily.