Extra from Volume 8#4 by Madelyn W.

"The glory of children is their father.” (Proverbs 17:6b)

I remember when I was a little girl. I always wanted to please my father, to make him happy with something that I’d done or accomplished. I looked up to him—to me he was the strongest, most brave, fastest, best father with the most amazing abilities. No one could compare to my Dad in my mind.

Can you relate to this? Did you want to make your dad proud of you? Did it bring delight to your heart when he praised you for your effort to please him? Did you think your dad was the most brave and mighty man? Was he “the best” in your eyes?

As we grow older, we will learn the meaning of honor. We are commanded in Scripture to honor our parents. “Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” (Exodus 20:12). We must learn to replace our childish dreams with mature honor fir iyr fatger. We must not lose our desire to please our father. Make it a point to greet him warmly when he returns from a long day of work. Make him his favorite meal as a surprise to him. Tell him that you appreciate all he does. Help him with a project or ask how you can help him with his work or business. Observe how he responds to different kindnesses to know what he appreciates most.

Pray and ask the Lord that He would give you a desire to please and honor your dad. This is the season when we as young maids for Christ must learn to be a help-meet. We can learn this by being a help-meet to our fathers. Wouldn’t you rather enter marriage having been trained to be a help-meet to a man in authority? Having learned to honor and respect, having learned to submit to your father? It would then be natural to submit to a husband, to be an excellent help-meet as God planned.

God will reward you when you obey His command to honor your father! You will experience the joy that you felt as a young child when your father praised you. May God’s richest blessings be yours as you seek to honor your father and to glory in him!

Madelyn (17) is the 2nd oldest of 8 children. She seeks to serve the Lord, honor her father, and bless her family each day.