Extra from Volume 8#4 by Sarah B.

I am blessed and thankful to have a God-fearing father who loves us, teaches us many godly things, and leads us on the right path. There are many things he had done in our life that I will never forget.

1. My daddy is very good with math. If we have a hard time with our math in home school, we show it to him at night and he helps us with it. He is very patient with explaining it to us.

2. Sometimes on the weekends, we enjoy doing science and art projects together. My Daddy loves science and enjoys doing this with us. Right now he is teaching us about air pressure and he did a neat experiment showing this. We are also doing some crystal kits together.

3. Last year around Thanksgiving, we have started a tradition of letting Daddy talk to one of us for five minutes each night. There are seven of us, so each of us gets to talk with him on one day of the week. For those who don’t have big families or seven siblings, arrange it so all of you can have equal time with him if you can. This is a good time to share your deep feelings with him, and ask him about Bible verses you don't understand.

4. If your Daddy has to work at a job everyday, it’s nice to leave a note or a small gift for him. When our Daddy left on a business trip a few years ago, we had a great time packing his suitcase with notes, dried fruit, and a small colorful pillow.

5. We also have fun helping daddy with his weekly sermons. Sometimes he brings home lists of sermons from websites and we have fun choosing. Sometimes he also prints devotional stories to read in the sermon.

6. Taking the time to listen to what he says and helping him when he needs it is two more blessings you can give him. “Hear ye children the instruction of a father and attend to know understanding.” (Proverbs 4:1) 

God bless you!

Sarah Elizabeth is 16 and enjoys crafts, cooking, taking care of her animals, being a big sister to her siblings, and serving the Lord with her family.