Extra from Volume 8#2 by Martha B.

Godly relationships are a wonderful thing to behold. There are very few people who will reach out to others and show love, encouragement, and inspiration. When you are around friends, search for ways that you can encourage them or reach out. Instead of simply asking someone what they’ve been doing or how their animals are, ask them where they have been reading in their Bible, what they have been memorizing, what the Lord has been teaching them, and if they have any special verses to share with you. It can be inspiring for both of you. Also, I know from experience, that sometimes it can be very hard to start a spiritual conversation! When someone else does, I try to make a special point to thank them for starting that conversation. It doesn’t matter what others think about you, as long as you are doing what the LORD commands you to. Here are a few ways to reach out to others:

-Send them encouraging letters, including Bible passages.

-Call them and share your latest memory passages, prayer requests, and inspire them in their Bible reading.

-Invite them over and have a Bible study.

-Have a younger girls' Bible study for your little friends.

-Start writing a devotional book or blog together.

-Pray for someone together.

Never forget that the LORD is there to help you be an encouragement to those around you, and if you only ask Him, He can give you the words to speak.

Learning with you,
Martha Joy