Extra from Volume 9#4 by Mrs. Connie L.

Starting very small, you can begin bonding with your daughter for life! As a baby, you can sing and talk with your baby. Tell your baby about Jesus. Sing songs about Jesus, and pray for your little daughter. As your daughter grows into a toddler, continue to sing and talk and pray with her. God will bless you for this commitment of time.

As she becomes 3 or 4, have her pray much more, and draw pictures about Jesus.

As she is bonding with you, she is also bonding with Jesus, if you have been teaching her about Him. This will be beautiful as she loves the God you love and wants to please Him because of your example. Teach her scripture very young. She will then talk about Him as she learns new words and phrases. As you teach her, coupled with much prayer, she will blossom before your eyes.

Bonding with my daughters has given me such a wonderful opportunity to instruct them ~ all the way to adulthood. They love me for the sacrifices that were made and the shared love we have for Jesus. It is so important for Mothers to keep a close walk with Christ as she is raising her daughters. “A gracious woman retaineth honor.” (Proverbs 11:16) Don’t get distracted by sports or the lesser things in life. Your bonding will be like a warm blanket on a cool day. Daughters will “coze” up to you, and ask important questions at important times. Too much outside activity will prevent this kind of bonding.

Bond in sweet, natural ways on a daily basis. Some ideas are: Combing each others hair at night, praying together, cooking together, rubbing each others back, singing together, surprising the dad of the house with something you made together, gardening together, and reading together. We have done all these things and it has been beautiful to see the results!

My daughter Heidi, 22 years, was married to a wonderful, godly man this summer. Their courtship honored God, with no touching and a true focus on Christ! Mother-daughter bonding helped so much in preparation for marriage. I have listened as Heidi shared her heart with me and she has respected my judgment even as she transitioned into becoming an adult. Now she makes her own decisions, and I have precious memories of our sweet bonding playing over and over in my mind.