Extra from Volume 6#2 by Mrs. Connie L.

In praying for a lost neighbor, I found the Lord putting me in some interesting situations to reach her. I could see He was guiding this troubled lady to cross my path. How exciting, I thought! One day I realized how much the Lord had done, as she sat observing our family devotion time. Here she was, in our house, hearing the Bible.

But she was still unsaved, and unwilling to trust Christ personally. She came right to the door of salvation, even with good intentions, but chose not to accept Christ. Over the next few months, I gave Misty information about the Lord Jesus Christ, and gifts to her family as they set off for a vacation. Somehow though, she was influenced by a relative, and began distancing herself from me. Then, she began treating me rudely, and asked me not to visit or call her anymore. I committed to pray for her and allow God to work in her heart.

Months passed. Over a year passed. It was sad to see her avoid me when we passed each other.

Then, one day God broke the silence in a beautiful way. Misty has four children, all fairly young. Her first-grade son came knocking at my door one summer afternoon!

“Well hello, Jared, good to see you. Can I help you with something?” Little Jared was scared. He couldn’t find his mother. He said “Can you help me find my mom?”

Hmm...I believe God is in this. “I’ll go back to your house, and see if we can find her, Jared.” So, with a little fear, I walked in the door to Misty’s house. We walked in the kitchen, the garage, down the hall, and into a bedroom. When we reached the bedroom, Misty came out, talking on a cell phone. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw me!

Not knowing how to react, Misty finished her phone conversation and softly said “ Why are you here?” I explained that Jared had come to my door, worried because he couldn’t find her. Surprisingly, she asked me to sit down. We gently renewed our friendship. God was ever present.

In a matter of three weeks, her husband was transferred to another state with his job. But before she left, she was friendly once again. Maybe the Christian advice I had given her hadn’t fallen on deaf ears. The day before she left, she sent Jared across the street to give me something. A plant, very green, but overgrown in it’s vase. This warmed my heart. The Lord prompted me to write one last note to her. “Goodbye, Misty. May God guide you. Every time I water the plant, I will pray for you.”

Well, I tried to repot the plant, and it died. At first, I was very sad. Then I realized something. Misty was a proud person. Her life was wrapped around “self.” The empty vase now reminds me to pray for Misty, that she will empty herself of all that pride and that she will be saved. The vase sits in my window, empty, needing to be filled. Misty needs to be filled with the love of God, and His salvation. That is how I pray for her everyday when I see the vase in my laundry room window... the empty vase.

“To know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” (Ephesians 3:19-20)