PROVERBS 15 on Encouraging Brothers

Extra from Volume 6#1 by Anna

As I was reading Proverbs, chapter 15 really spoke to my heart about what I could do to encourage my brothers. Alas, the sisters today consider their wonderful, God-given blessing of brothers as mere “annoyances,” instead of a gift as God planned them to be.

Here are a few of the things the Lord is teaching me, which I would like to share with you. One of the things about encouraging our brothers is that we as well get encouragement—and training—for the future mother/wife we may someday become. Younger and older brothers alike could use our encouragement, and would probably appreciate our desire to help them.

1.When your brother corrects you—thank him! Don’t take it as an offense, but as a way to help you grow towards Godliness. Do not receive his words of wisdom with anger, but show your gratitude with a gentle answer.1

2.Never talk with other siblings about something you are upset about with your brother. Even if it is not intended, you may cause arguments or anger between other siblings. If you are discussing the matter with another sibling/parent because of your concern, do it in love, and maybe you should consider going to your brother and speak to him of your concerns.2

3.Share prayer requests with your brother! Encourage him to lift your family up to the Lord in prayer. Ask him to show you any hurtful ways in you that you should work on, and ask him to pray for those things.3

4.Dress modestly—think about the way you are dressed. Are you wearing something that could be a stumbling block for him? Is there someone else you feel is being a stumbling block to him? If so, take the time to ask the Lord to work in the heart of this person. Encourage your brother to keep his ways pure for the woman he will someday marry.4

5.Show interest in what your brothers do. Now, that does not necessarily mean that you have to take place in what they are doing, but encourage them in what they put their hands to—especially what they do to help the family!

6.Even though it may sometimes seem hard, respect your older brother’s authority. Encourage him to lead his siblings in love, and patience. It teaches you humility to do this one!5

7.Let your brother know how important he is in your life. Write him a note, or tell him in person sometime, just how much he means to you!

8.Encourage your brother to stand up for what he knows is according to God’s word. Depend on your older brother as a protector; give him encouragement by trusting his decisions. God placed your older brother in a position over you for a purpose—thank God for doing so!

9.If you do not have a good relationship with your brother, there is still hope! Give your cares to the Lord, and ask Him to help your relationship with your brother grow. God knew exactly what you needed when He gave you your brothers—how will you respond? “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”6

10.Last, but not least, remember your brother(s) in your prayers, and ask the Lord to reveal ways for you to encourage your brothers more. Our brothers need a sister’s encouragement—will we provide it for them?

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