Extra from Volume 6#1 by Theresa

I used to prefer to play by myself rather than with “the boys”; I desired a sister or playmate close to my age, but God did not see fit to give me one.

The Lord has since completely changed my outlook. Not only do I enjoy being with my family, but I also enjoy playing with my brothers. They have been so supportive, cheering and encourage me when I have made mistakes. This has really brought me closer to my brothers, and it has help to unite my family. We have had many family games together and countless discussions.

Strange as it may seem, I actually practice femininity by submitting to my brothers’ interests. It was not difficult for me, with the Lord’s help, but it was necessary because it helped unite my family in a common interest. Families can easily split into groups, each following their own interests. But families are more united if all its members share common interests. As girls practicing femininity, we must accept others’ interests.

Furthermore, this is good practice in case we marry. While we are sure to share some common interests with our husband, they will probably have interests which we may not even have considered before. By accustoming ourselves to adapting to the interest of others, we will be prepared for such a situation.

It would not only help unite your family, but also help you practice femininity, if you accept your brothers’ interests. Do not think of this as a painful duty. As I found, you might enjoy it more than you think!

Theresa lives with her family of twelve on a farm in Missouri. She is striving to live each moment for the glory of God.