Editorial in Volume 5#4 by Sarah Lee Bryant

WHEN YOU IMAGINE a lovely young maiden, how do you think she looks and acts? How do you picture Jesus walking and talking? I imagine He was meek, gentle, and unseemly in His ways, yet masculine. As daughters of the King, we should model actions and attitudes that are Christ-glorifying and bring honor to our calling as women.

Since many writers in this issue have focused on the heart-issue of femininity, I would like to address some outward manifestations of a feminine attitude, which should be visible as we take joy in our role as women of God.

The Lord created men and women differently; we should not try to fulfi ll the role of the other, but assist and promote them. As ladies, we should support, serve, and assist our brothers and father in their mission. We should also delight in receiving assistance from men, as they display Christ’s example of protecting the weaker vessel.1 When a man holds a door open for us, allows us ahead of them in line, or shows other respect, we should graciously accept their honor. We must encourage manliness in our men by accepting-never scoffing-their thoughtfulness. I try to accept other’s off er to help me, even if I really do not need it. Regretfully, I know there have been times when I have turned down a man’s gracious off er of assistance and in doing so, discouraged their protecting and honoring women. When we encourage our own brothers as they treat us with kindness, we are acting as a lady, as well as encouraging their masculinity.

I have found the way we dress and carry ourselves conveys our heart and attitude toward the way God has made us.

Our dress can bring honor to our calling and our authorities, or it can convey rebellion and unhappiness. We must be very mindful of how we cloth ourselves as daughters of the King. Girls who delight in being ladies, who are gentle, feminine, and joyful, are beautiful; they are a bright light and stand out in a world of careless, sloppy clothing!

The impression we leave on others is very great; what about us will stand out the most to others? Make an observation of yourself in the mirror - what makes the greatest impression in your attire? Does it convey the message you want to give others?

We should carry ourselves with dignity and modesty in a way that brings a good reputation to our authorities - our earthly and heavenly Father. When we dress and act respectfully, we show contentment in the beautiful role God has bestowed upon us. Some of my ideas for dressing femininely are wearing fl owing skirts and dresses, wearing pastel or unassuming colors, neatly arranging my hair in a feminine style, or adding a ribbon to my attire. Remember, you must seek to be feminine according to the desire of your parents; ask them what they desire you to wear.

While I do not suggest you wear your best white dress everyday, I have found that it pays off to dress neatly and beautifully each day, even if you are just staying at home around your family. It does not take much extra time to give a fresher appearance by ironing your blouse, making an extra pretty skirt to wear at home, or taking a few extra minutes to arrange your hair a little more carefully and nicely. I believe we each can, and should, put a bit of extra effort into making our daily appearance feminine and orderly. When this idea first came to me, I decided to try wearing my ‘nicer’ clothes at home each day for a week. In doing so, I found that my attitude as well as my appearance changed toward my family; I treated them more respectfully. It has been worthwhile for me to seek to dress nicely each and every day. This shows my family they are special to me!

Search for ways you can be feminine and strive to act like a lady. Yet, keep your feminine dress simple and pure-do not let your outward appearance overtake your thoughts. God looks at your heart and motives; guard to make sure they are pure and that you are truly striving to represent your authorities well.

Our outward appearance and our spirit results from our heart’s attitude. Always remember our inward beauty and purity of heart is of utmost importance; it should be what we constantly seek as fi ne treasure:

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.”2

For The King,

notes · [1] 1 Peter 3:7; [2]1 Peter 3:4