[Submitted for KBR's 2014 Essay Contest]

by Sarah W.

How I desire with all my heart to be filled with the Love of Christ and to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We as girls, as Daughters of Zion all desire to be cared for, cherished and loved. It’s the way God has made us and it’s a beautiful thing. These desires were not given to us to just be wasted away, but for an explicit reason that we must understand. Only our Lord and Savior can truly fulfill the deepest longings of our hearts. It’s very easy to try the things of this world to bring joy and peace into our lives and forget that the world’s ideas of happiness will never ever bring us to complete contentment that we so long to have. I watch so many young ladies go from one thing to another in this world, seeking for something that they can never find. They just want peace in their hearts, they just want contentment, they just want joy, and they just want to be loved. It grieves me greatly when I see this happening to so many young ladies and it grieves me even more when I realize that I do the same thing at times. When the struggles and hardships that life brings become too difficult for me to bear, I lose sight of my Savior and turn to things that will only satisfy me temporally. Temporal satisfaction is simply nothing. It’s not lasting and it never brings you to true joy in Christ alone.

But guess what girls? I know someone Who can bring us to complete satisfaction in who He has made us. He can bring joy to a sorrowing heart and He can love those who feel so unlovable. Girls, Jesus loves you!

He’s our lover when we feel hurt

He’s our friend when there’s no one around

He’s our companion in every circumstance

He’s our true hope in the midst of tragedy

He’s our merciful one during the deepest trial

He’s our living Word for joy and comfort

Jesus is full of love. Jesus was never too busy to pour Himself out to those who were in need. He was willing whenever someone needed Him and He would stop immediately to give out a helping hand. The Love of Jesus is showed so beautifully in the Bible. We must have the same heart that Jesus had towards others. The heart I’m talking about is when He said “Not my will but Thine be done”. It’s taking all your desires, all your plans, and placing them all, yes ALL, on the altar. It’s saying, “Lord I’m living for you now, I’ve lived for myself long enough, it’s time to live for you and You Alone”. We must live as though we only have One person in our audience, we have to stop living for the approval of man, we must stop trying to focus on pleasing others. It’s time to live as though Jesus was the only one watching us in the race of life, we can’t serve God and mammon at the same time. It doesn’t work, you are either loving and serving God or you are loving and serving yourself. Here’s a beautiful quote:

The Secret to a Beautiful life: “Whom having not seen, you love.”

What will bring true lasting joy and peace to your hearts? Think about it girls, what is truly going to last in life when you meet your Savior.

Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” – Isaiah 55:6


Sarah W. (21) lives with her family of eleven in the beautiful state of Virginia. She and her family enjoy farming with cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pigs.