Extra from Volume 11#2

Fashioned by the Potter
By Bethany G.

A vain young lady entered a shop

To buy a piece of pottery;

Many pretty pieces met her eyes

Looking like a shiny glazed sea.

She began to shop for a pitcher

For a friend she hoped to impress.

"Now she will admire me," she said

Complacently smoothing her dress.

While looking at one of the pitchers

She was startled to hear a voice.

At first she thought it was the potter

Coming to help her make her choice.

She glanced into her pocket mirror

And pushed back a stray wisp of hair.

Then she turned to see who had spoken

But could not see anyone there.

A moment later she realized that

The voice had come from a pitcher.

It repeated what it had first said

"Don't you think I am prettier?"

The pitcher was white with blue flowers

And it was quite prettily made;

But it was not any prettier

Than the other pitchers displayed.

"You do have nice coloring," she said.

"Yes of course," the pitcher replied.

"I am very proud of my good looks

They could not improve if I tried."

"But, the potter made you," cried the girl,

"What right to any pride have you?

You should not be taking the credit

For something that you did not do."

"Oh, I know the potter seems to think

That my looks should bring him credit.

But, I am the one who is pretty

So I do not understand it."

"Another thing that seems odd to me

Is his concern for the inside.

Why should it matter if it is clean?

I disagree with him," it sighed.

The girl realized that it was useless

To argue with it anymore,

So she purchased a plain white pitcher

And then thoughtfully left the store.

She began to think of her own pride,

And thought of how she had no right

To be vain of her beautiful looks,

Made not by her, but by God's might.

For the very first time in her life

She could see her need to be clean,

To let God cleanse her on the inside

Which matters more than what is seen.

It became clear that to be useful

A pure heart is what matters most.

And after that she thought less about

Her looks of which she used to boast.