About KBR Ministries

Encouraging Girls to Grow in their Walk with Christ

The heart of KBR Ministries is to encourage young ladies to grow in their walk with Christ. We are thrilled to have you stop by and hope you will be invigorated in your calling as a daughter of the King!

The King's Blooming Rose Magazine began in February 2005, when homeschooler Sarah Bryant published the first small issue for friends and family. Her desire was to encourage young ladies to seek the Lord and to challenge one another to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24). The Lord blessed this publication, and hundreds of families now receive KBR Magazine all over the world. 

In 2008, KBR Ministries expanded as Sarah wrote and published several books. We now carry many resources to encourage young ladies. In 2015 and 2016, KBR hosted the Joyful Daughters Conference for young ladies and their mothers.

It is our prayer that The King's Blooming Rose Magazine readers are challenged to grow in their personal walk with the Lord Jesus and love Him more daily (Deuteronomy 6:5). Through the fellowship provided throughout the pages of each issue of KBR, we desire to see young ladies walk in godliness, wisely invest the days of their youth, embrace their Biblical callings (Psalm 144:12, Titus 2), and serve the Lord Jesus Christ for His glory and honor.

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behind KBR Magazine


Sarah Bryant

Sarah Lee Bryant

Founder & Editor in Chief
Creative Designer
Web Developer

Sarah is a grateful daughter of the King, and her desire is to know Him more deeply each day and serve Him wherever He has her. As a recipient of God's grace, she longs to pass on a legacy of God’s faithfulness and goodness to those around her and to the next generation - and to see other young ladies do the same. She finds many opportunities to learn and serve through writing, graphic design, photography, website development, music, family, children's ministry, and the local church. Sarah's heart is to encourage girls to live fully for Jesus and to make godly choices in their youth. She loves seeing God at work in the lives of young ladies around the world and would enjoy hearing from you.

Amanda Hahner

Assistant Editor

Amanda is the blessed daughter of Bryan and Moira, sister to eight wonderful siblings, and soon to be auntie! Since graduating in 2013, she has been seeking how the Lord would have her to use her time at home to glorify Him most. She delights in spending time with and investing in her family, anything homemaking, creating things from scratch, reading, and correspondence. She is so thankful for the grace and forgiveness of her heavenly Father, and her greatest desire is to glorify the Lord and serve Him with her life (1 Samuel 12:24)!

Claire Edwards

Administrative Assistant

Claire delights in her calling as a daughter of the King of kings and, though she stumbles often, wishes to live life for His glory! She is the oldest sister to four lovely ladies and one brave knight. When not serving her family, she can be found studying Latin, practicing her instruments, reading old books, writing letters, or hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her greatest goal is to hear “well done, my good and faithful servant” from the lips of her Savior one day.
McKenna Smith

McKenna Smith

Forum Manager

McKenna’s desire is to be fully satisfied and utterly delighted in her heavenly Bridegroom each and every day. She is a homeschool graduate living joyfully with her parents and five precious siblings. Her time is spent teaching music and studying Biblical counseling. During spare moments, she can be found traipsing through the hills and mountains of north Idaho with family, talking about Jesus with dear friends, making music at home or church, cooking nutritious foods, or typing away at a laptop, dark chocolate and kombucha at her side. McKenna is so very grateful for the grace of God displayed in His redemptive work in her heart and continued sanctification. She delights in proclaiming His faithfulness to the world!

Dana Bryant

Mrs. Dana Bryant


Mrs. Bryant is married to her high school sweetheart, Tom, and they have home-educated their six children. In each issue of KBR Magazine, she shares about the benefits of herbs and natural remedies, which have been given to us by the Lord so that we may be fully equipped to do His work. Dana is grateful for God’s faithfulness, love and redemption, and enjoys working alongside with her family on their farm.

Mrs. Martha Buckingham


Mrs. Martha Buckingham, wife to Jim for 36 years, is grateful for the mercies of God being new every morning. Together, they have found the joy of the Lord in watching Him work all things together for good through varied circumstances and situations, and through their own failures in parenting biological children, adopted children, and others who call them dad and mom. In writing for KBR, it is Martha’s desire to share with young ladies how to find IN JESUS fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11).


Mrs. Elisha Ehlinger


Elisha served as a joyful daughter in her parents' home for many years. In God's perfect timing, He brought the right man along, and she and Travis were married on April 30, 2016. As she starts into the amazing adventure of marriage, she finds herself increasingly grateful for her parents and the skills and character she learned in their home. Through her writings in KBR Magazine since 2007, she encourages young ladies to embrace their God-given callings and to delight in His will.

Maggie B.

Recipe Column Editor

Maggie is blessed to live in beautiful rural Alabama, enjoying her family of six and the adventures of the life of a stay-at-home daughter. She loves being able to search God's truth in the Bible, correspond with young ladies, milk goats, work with her family, and write. Work in the kitchen tests her perfectionist-side and provides many opportunities for learning humility and composure! Maggie's thankful for God’s continual conviction, teaching, and mercy in her life.

Anna Parish

Lead Staff Photographer

Anna is a homeschool graduate living in Missouri with her family. She enjoys the challenge of documenting the gift of life in every season, especially families and the special bond they share! She loves a good story, whether it’s in a children’s book she reads to a little one, getting to know the people she photographs, or revisiting her old journal pages that tell a Gospel story all their own. Anna has helped provide photos for KBR Ministries’ publications since 2011, and organizes the KBR photography team.

Jessica Neely

Staff Photographer

Jessica is the second eldest daughter in a family of twelve. Her greatest desire is to bring glory to her Savior by knowing, loving, and serving Him, and by living each moment to the utmost. Jessica's passion in photography lies with families, encouraging them to treasure the beauty and blessings that God has put into their lives. When she is not shooting images for her small business, JessiLise Studios, she can usually be found buried in graphic design projects, teaching music lessons, researching health and learning about essential oils, discipling young girls, or working alongside her family.

Kina Lamb

Guest Photographer

Kina is the third child in a lively family of eight that lives in Ohio. When she purchased her first camera, it was with a prayer that God would be glorified. If she is not taking a walk with her camera, she may be found reading to her little siblings, writing, playing the piano, baking bread, helping her dad with their Online Farm Market business, listening to music while doing her math, or creating a new tea recipe.

Amanda Silvey

Guest Photographer

Amanda lives in southwest Arkansas with her family of eight. Photography became a hobby of hers a few years ago, and she lovse capturing the beauty of God's creation whether it be in a flower, a sunset, or a smile! Aside from photography, she enjoys reading and writing historical fiction, playing the piano and mandolin, cake decorating, and helping her family with the farmer's market. Above all, she loves her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and her desire is to know Him and serve Him more!

Ashton Sweeney

Guest Photographer

Ashton lives in the Northern United States. She is a follower of Jesus Christ has been taking pictures since she was a young teenager, but has gotten more serious about it in the past year. Aside from photography, she loves to write more novels, blog, read, hang out with her family, and play with her dogs. She has a desire to serve the Lord as a missionary overseas and hopes to give God all the glory He deserves in all that she does.

Amanda Mueller

Food Photographer

Amanda lives with her family in Parrish, FL. She discovered her love for photography at the age of 14, and began the journey of starting a photography business after graduating from homeschool and pursuing photography education. Jesus is her Savior, and her desire is to know Him, glorify Him, and make Him known. She also enjoys spending time with family, music, decorating and graphic design, baking, traveling, and working with a non-profit ministry in KY.

Bri Shaffer

Guest Graphic Designer

Bri is saved by the grace of God and blessed to be called His daughter. She lives with her parents and soon to be nine siblings in South Carolina. She keeps busy helping around the house and running errands, running an Etsy shop, and helping with special needs at local churches. She loves studying the Bible, warm cups of coffee, and connecting with family and friends. She has enjoyed designing some of KBR's social media graphics.