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The King's Blooming Rose Volume 13#4

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The King's Blooming Rose Volume 13#4
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  • Honor from the Heart » By Paige B.
    God places much importance on the younger generation showing respect to their elders. Paige shares some lessons she's learned through her family's journey of caring for her grandparents with failing health.
  • A Heart for the Afflicted » by Meg H.
    It can be easy to become so consumed with our own lives that we miss opportunities to notice the widows and widowers around us who are lonely and hurting. There is much to glean from them while reaching out to be a blessing!
  • What Kind of Old Lady Will You Be? » by Hannah H.
    Each choice you make today will affect what kind of old lady you become. What seeds are you sowing?
  • Invitation to Wisdom » Interview with Amy and Esther W.
    You'll be encouraged by this exciting interview with two sisters who love to learn from and care for their elderly family members!



  • Trusting God in the Waiting » by Hannah H.
  • Journeying Heavenward » with editor Sarah Bryant and admin assistant Claire Edwards
  • Esther: Unexpected Queen » by Abigail J.
  • They Can Only Do So Much » by Elisha Ann E.
  • Subscriber's Script » Meet Amelia W. and her family
  • How to Make a Godly Appeal to Authority » by Mrs. Martha B.
  • Dear Big Sisters » by Lauren W.


  • Cook's Cuisine » Recipes from Grandma's Kitchen
  • ECO » Letters and pictures from readers
  • The Bulletin Board » Ads and pen-pal requests
  • Gleanings » Q&A Column (Topics: Forgiveness, investing in younger girls, room organization)
  • The Book Nook » Good reads recommended by readers
  • Herbal Remedies » Fevers




We invite you to write for the next issue of KBR! Young ladies and older woman alike are welcome to share for the next issue. Read more contribution information here. The theme for the next issue of KBR will be:

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

It can be easy to get in a comfortable Christian routine...going through the motions and doing all the right things—while our heart is lukewarm for Jesus, at best. How can we turn our heart and eyes to Him, purposefully kindling our dedication to and love for our Savior? Share lessons you've learned from times in spiritual "deserts," or practical ways for establishing undistracted time in prayer and Scripture study.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE · November 8, 2017


Please read our submission guidelines when writing for KBR. Non-thematic submissions are also welcome, such as articles, letters, poems, pictures, book reviews, prayer requests, and submissions for other regular columns.
Items received may be published on the website or held for future issues if there is not room in the next printed issue (specify if you don't want your submission on our website).